Professional Corporate Training

Magic EdTech is a niche services provider to the edtech industry. Our leadership team and experts understand the business as well as the tech-ops requirements of the industry. Magic EdTech has extensive experience and history in developing and managing highly scalable education products and platforms. Additionally, Magic EdTech has deep expertise in the following areas of educational products and platforms:.

L1 L2 Support

L1/L2 Support

  • 24/7 support with strict SLA management
  • Run books development and maintenance
  • IT operations management, including cloud infrastructure monitoring
  • Onshore/offshore/nearshore models available

Engineering Enhancements and Upgrades

Engineering Upgrades and Enhancements

  • Assist in new releases and continuous improvement
  • Supplement fluctuating capacity by having a flexible team strategy
  • Collaboration with support and engineering groups
  • Build knowledge assets and achieve stabilization over time

Production Support and QA

Production support and QA

  • Define test strategy, test suites and cases
  • Improve test case/scenario coverage
  • Testing of customer implementation
  • Automation of manual test cases
  • Performance/database testing