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This company was formed to develop “humanely optimized” technologies to benefit people worldwide. The company provides scientific and technological services, including the research, design, creation, and development of technology-based innovations and services for the marketplace. They aim to deliver innovative, simple products that cater to solving life’s problems—with alternative routes to design that can bring down prices by more than half of current offerings.

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Business Requirement

They needed a web platform and an app that could enable visually impaired people to scan images (in over 50 languages), extract text, and share the same with the global community.

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  • Magic software partnered with the client to build a cloud-hosted platform that delivers a set of services around their business requirements.
  • The platform is integrated with an OCR reader to extract text from user-uploaded images and images on user devices.
  • An accessibility companion app was built to translate the text from an image and integrate voiceover for reading text using built-in voices.

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Key Highlights

  • An expert team of HFI experts was used to develop the user experience for the platform and the app.
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines were used
  • Magic leveraged its Mobility Solutions tool kit to build an effective rollout that met the stakeholders need for schedule, cost, and quality.