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The client is a leading US-based K12 educational publisher that provides innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. They were building a new collaborative authoring workspace with Magic. As a part of that, there was a need to provide End of Life support to an existing platform that was to be phased out. The customer wanted a fallback solution that their product teams could leverage in case their new platform development strategy faces challenges/delays in the rollout.

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Business Requirement

To achieve these goals, the publisher planned on keeping the lights on for their existing product. The products and applications were required to be migrated to the new ecosystem, to be used by Digital producers at large to assemble microinstructions in various formats and publish the same through omni channel delivery.

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Critical Success Factors

  • Cloud Migration effort to begin scoping and sizing the existing dimensions
  • Configuration of Infra, Applications and Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment pipelines to support the production partners on migrated applications on new Infra
  • Planning for scaling, performance, fault-tolerance, and cost benefits of the cloud and architect the right AWS services into the delivered solution

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  • Established a set of processes, technologies and infrastructure initiatives to ensure project success.
  • Set up a cloud server using the Well Architect framework.
  • Installed Application Infra on a container stack.
  • Utilized AWS Lambda, which provides serverless computing capacity. Using Lambda near exclusively for hosting the applications, enabled setting up an Infra that can now scale effortlessly.
  • As traffic spikes occur at different production hours, only the required computing power is allocated by Lambda – making sure that infrastructure costs are minimized.
  • Used Amazon RDS, a managed database service
  • Streamlined maintenance procedures using Lambda, RDS, and API Gateway.

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Key Highlights

  • Using Lambda helped scale effortlessly
  • Improved automation & operational overhead
  • Streamlined maintenance procedures