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The client is an organization that has developed a platform that collects up-to-the-minute data on every device type and all app, software, and website activity, allowing districts to see 100 percent of activity on 100 percent of devices at their schools including iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chrome.

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Business Requirement

The Client had an existing big data analytics product. Magic was provided with a business requirement to improve its performance, release cycle, quality, and go to market time. With the current system in place, the ROI was not as per expectations, and District Admin had a very limited view of data and had a long wait time to get analytics. Additionally, the client aimed for low cost but effective solutions for this Big Data Problem which had 500 GBs of data generated in 4 to 5 months of operations.

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  • Magic being a product-centric organization, planned and analyzed the existing product. Based on the analysis, moved the existing application from the monolith and non-partition MongoDB based solution to Serverless architecture.
  • As a solution, Magic uses 100 % Serverless components reducing time and cost by eliminating the DevOps layer. It provides application scalability and performance boost. Application is now scaled to add millions of students without any impact on Infrastructure.

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Key Highlights

  • The application used Serverless components at every layer.
  • AWS DynamoDB as database. AWS Lambda as function as a service. AWS API Gateway as API controller. AWS S3 and CloudFront as a static web host.
  • 100% Serverless components lead to zero system administration cost.