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A leading Canadian educational publisher who provides innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. The client values and respects the lifelong learning continuum and dedicates its business efforts to the diverse learning needs of students and educators alike. It is active in Canada’s K-12, Higher Education, Professional Learning, Business, Industry, and Government markets

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Business Requirement

Publisher required to launch a web based platform that supported digital product management with licensing support and product navigator with various user interfaces with multiple media formats audio, video, PDF, Doc, Images etc. System should be IMS Global LTI Certified platform which acts as both Tool Provider and Tool Consumer. The platform should support various LMSs Moodle, D2L, Edsby

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  • Developed a ‘Product Licensing Management’ platform – highly configurable, powered to product distribution, licensing management, administration, editorial and customer care management. It also provides Institution /School/Boards management and subscription facilities
  • Developed a web-based rich internet application ‘Product Navigator and File Browser’. This product provides institutional and individual users to access 50,000 + rich content sources from any LMS. LTI compatibility allows to access rich content with any LTI certified tool provider or consumer for e.g. (L.Com, Moodle, D2L etc.)

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Key Highlights

  • Complete Solution for Product Management & Licensing
  • Multimedia learning resources are instructionally linked
  • IMS Global Certified LTI Tool Provider
  • 13,000+ Schools, 6,000+ Teachers registered, 50,000+ content resources