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Client is a leading analytics startup. Their platform helps school districts get complete visibility of all learning activity on the student’s and schools devices. This platform collects up to minute data on every app, software and website on all school and student devices and passes this information in the form of dashboard to districts and their decision makers.

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Business Requirement

The client wanted to improve the performance of this platform and the quality of reports it produced. The ROI of the current system wasn’t enough for district leaders since they got a very limited view of data. In addition to that, they had to wait for a long time to get the relevant data points. Overall, the current system (analytics platform) that they had needed to be transformed for better output and performance.

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Critical Success Factors

  • Improving the sanctity of the data collected and reported
  • Usage of serverless components
  • Managing huge data volumes (~500 gb/day)

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  • Moved the existing application from a monolith and non-partition MongoDB based solution to serverless architecture.
  • Used 100% Serverless components and eliminating the DevOps layer thereby reducing time and cost.

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Key Highlights

  • 100% Serverless components lead to zero system administration cost.
  • AWS Infrastructure used heavily. AWS DynamoDB as the database. AWS Lambda for function as a service. AWS API Gateway as API controller. AWS S3 and CloudFront as a static web host.
  • Multiple new dashboards added to improve data visibility for District leaders. Improved customer happiness.