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Client is one of the top 3 educational publishers in the world. They operate in 70 countries globally and primarily deal in K12, Higher Education, and Professional Education.

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Business Requirement

They had a self service data portal platform. The platform enabled and empowered the librarians, and authors to register and request product information of their digital content in globally accessible formats. They had already released phase 1 of the platform and in a span of 2 months, another final release “Phase 2” with major feature implementation was planned. They wanted to ensure that while their team worked on phase 2, there was no regression found in the final product delivery.

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Critical Success Factors

  • Minimum pass percentage of the feature to be more than 80%
  • Everything to be executed within a tight 2 month time frame
  • Platform to work seamlessly on multiple OS-browser combinations

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  • Used the inhouse automation framework, ‘EazyTest’ to jumpstart the automation journey
  • Generated automated test reports at the time of execution without creating automation scripts

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Key Highlights

  • Automated a test suite of 1000+ test cases within a span of 8 weeks
  • Reduced the automation effort by 50% and execution cycle per build by 40%
  • Turned around within 1.5 months and exceeded client expectations