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Our Leading K-12 publisher client has LTI 1.1 platform interoperability capabilities for LTI compliant tools. LTI 1.1 authentication and security mechanism is based on OAuth 1.x. Our client’s Security and Architecture Group decided to leverage the LTI Advantage standard for better security and interoperability, which became critical before the launch of a new product involving third party App for its K12 users.

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Business Requirement

Latest specification compliant: LTI Advantage was getting widespread popularity with more and more LTI tools were upgrading on this specification. Our customer’s third Party Vendor App has an LTI Advantage tool and it became essential for their product to get upgraded on the latest version of LTI and get the compliance certificate.

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  • Magic worked with the client’s product and architecture group and created an LTI Advantage product roadmap incorporating its key features suitable in the context.
  • Magic executed the delivery of the project using Agile Methodologies with full test-driven development with more than 100% code and line coverage.

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Key Highlights

  • The project resulted in the timely launch of the Vendor’s LTI Tool App for hundreds of thousands of this leading K-12 publisher’s Digital Platform users.
  • The client was able to avoid the risk of getting caught with a complex learning spiral of LTI Advantage Specification, which always leads to stress within the Product and Delivery team when time and quality is a key constraint.
  • Magic successfully delivered the LTI Advantage Platform with achieving all the critical success factors.