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Client is the biggest educational publisher in Brazil. They are focused on improving digital learning across Brazil and other South American countries.

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Business Requirement

To fulfill their vision of improving digital learning for all, the client was focused on building hundreds of interactive digital learning objects and converting flash assets into HTML5.

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Critical Success Factors

  • Managing a huge volume with quick turnaround times
  • Ensuring reuse of assets wherever possible
  • Use of automation to extract content from flash wherever possible

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  • Grouped the DLOs into three categories: Simple, Medium and Complex
  • Reused existing templates and animations wherever available to reduce costs and improve turnaround time
  • Included a native portuguese speaker as a part of the core team for language and contextual correctness

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Key Highlights

  • Rapid turnaround time. Delivered before schedule due to automation and reuse of existing assets
  • Developed an automation tool to restructure flash files and extract content out of them
  • Helped the client go to market with a robust set of digital products sooner than expected