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One of the largest K–12 content publishers in the U.S., this client is always ready to embrace new ideas and is committed to improving teaching and learning around the world. They are adept at offering innovative, effective, and reliable learning solutions with the sole purpose of changing people’s lives by fostering passionate, curious learners.

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Business Requirement

They required help in updating their existing eReader app for Android, iOS, MAC OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS (Chromebook), to include:

  • removal of AdobeRMSDK due to heavy costs and the creation of a custom reader with low ownership costs
  • a low bandwidth solution for the school environment
  • the same content available across different devices and browsers

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  • Magic partnered with the client to fulfill their technology needs with the following:
  • a container app designed in native languages that allowed educational institutes and students to download books from intranet or Internet
  • a robust and industry-standard rendering engine for EPUB2, EPUB3
  • forward compatible and scalable application architecture
  • architectural alignment with Chrome OS ecosystem
  • an Agile development model

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Key Highlights

  • cross platform content rendering
  • integration with APIs for enterprise-wide deployments
  • personalized annotation modules
  • online and offline access for content mode
  • Online and Offline access for content mode.