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The customer is a large content aggregator and distributor who provides books, digital content, and technology solutions that help public libraries improve community outcomes.

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Business Requirement

They were facing challenges with their mobile content delivery application. The application was slow and unstable. A few of their library partners had given a clear indication of switching to another solution if the application wasn’t stabilized immediately. The customer sought a technology partner and wanted to collaborate with someone who had a good experience in developing performant mobile applications and a strong understanding of the domain i.e. digital content production and delivery platforms. The partner was expected to make the application stable and achieve a turn around within 90 days.

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Critical Success Factors

  • Improving User Experience - Personalized, Intuitive & Consistent
  • Performance Improvement - Less than 1s response time
  • Stabilizing the product
  • Improved Avg. Session time by 45%
  • Improved Customer Retention

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  • Architecture Redesign - Based on loose coupling and separation of concern architecture principles
  • User Experience Redesign - Made it more intuitive and less cumbersome.
  • Analytics Solution - To generate and share meaningful insights

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Key Highlights

  • 70% improvement in performance - Faster Screen Loading
  • 99% crash free performance