AI Powered Cloud Based One Touch Conversion for Fast, Accurate Digital Publishing

Ritesh Chopra March 18, 2019
Educational publishing has undergone a massive change. Not only are virtually all publishers creating, publishing, and/or distributing digital as opposed to print materials, but they are doing so in many different ways.
  • Some major educational publishers are creating unique, proprietary content for learners of all ages.
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are attracting increasing numbers of students interested in learning for free at their own pace.
  • Aggregators, meanwhile, are curating existing materials to provide learners with a range of options for increasing skills and knowledge.
No matter what model they’re following, every publisher wants to convert existing print materials to digital form. Some may also wish to enrich the digital versions with videos, sound, and other multimedia features. Converting Complex Print Materials into Digital Texts It’s relatively simple to convert straightforward print publications into simple ebooks. But what if the product being converted includes complex images and layouts such as those found in comic books, cook books, or graphic novels? Conversion from legacy files into digital formats isn’t an easy process and often the digital output needs to be mirrored precisely with print output. The most effective, cost-efficient option for turning complex print publications into identical digital publications is through the use of AI (artificial intelligence).  AI offers a relatively low-cost tool for optimizing content rapidly, reproducing print materials with great accuracy. Magic EdTech’s SMARTouch AI Solution Magic EdTech’s SMARTouch is an AI solution for conversion that adapts to each page and determines the most suitable optimization for each media element, ensuring 100% fidelity. It’s ideal for legacy content conversion to fixed layout ebooks which require the digital outcome to be 100% page loyal. Not only does SMARTouch cost less than your morning cup of coffee, but it also provides multi-channel publishing and distribution via iOS, Android, Kobo, Amazon, recto verso treatment, and text selection all in one click. In other words, your complex print publication can be reproduced with complete fidelity—and distributed to your customers—with a single finger tap. Here’s what makes SMARTouch unique:
  • Content fidelity: SMARTouch is the world’s first machine learning powered content conversion tool, which automatically assesses and transforms any low-quality images to high-quality images during conversion.
  • Turn around time: Typical ebook conversion requires 1 – 3 days of turnaround time, while SMARTouch makes it possible to achieve top quality results in just a few minutes.
  • Lower costs: SMARTouch is not only faster and more effective, it’s also far less expensive than the competition.
  • Universally shareable products: SMARTouch produces digital books as epub3 documents, a global universal standard.
  • Media overlays:Maiden conversion solution has 100% content fidelity from print with automated media overlays.
The Promise of AI for the Future of Educational Publishing According to UNESCO, over 2.5 million new books are published each year ( With our SMARTouch offerings, all of these books could be published digitally in just 20 days! While your needs may be more modest, Magic EdTech’s AI solutions opens up a world of possibilities for educational publishers. How can SMARTouch conversion help you reach your goals?

Ritesh Chopra

Ritesh is a transformation leader with proven success in building large-scale multi-million dollar services business across the globe combined with a strategic mindset, structured execution, and strong people leadership capabilities.