Cloud based Bulk eBook Transformation

Vikas Gupta May 24, 2018
Technology has been disrupting publishing business in very significant ways. The way new digital content is now being produced, distributed and consumed is undergoing constant changes. A vast majority of content being read in schools and universities still lies in legacy forms such as PDFs or Indesign. Publishers are embracing ePub as the format of choice. ePub3 is the format of choice. There a plethora of readers that provide extensive feature sets for ePub3 consumers. It is the most widely accepted web based format today. The question most publishers and aggregators are asking is how to convert this huge volume legacy content into digital forms that work with their new age readers in a cost effective solution without compromising on quality.   Important Questions Related to this are some important questions:
  • How do you handle high volume conversion while keeping the costs down?
  • How do you ensure there is no loss of fidelity as you convert rapidly via tools without spending a ton on verification?
  • How do you keep the converted content compatible with multitude of devices your audience use?
The Solution
For publishers who want to reuse their PDF content to create interactive and standards-based ePub3, Magic’s content engineering services offer a cloud based integrated suite of automation tools that produce high fidelity ePUBs at a very low cost. The suite consists of tools that verify & validate source PDFs and convert ebooks with near 100% fidelity. The converted books support all the basic features like interactive linking, a TOC, text search, text selection etc. Cloud based solution allows scale on demand while at the same time bringing down unnecessary data transfer costs significantly.   Scale of Bulk Conversion The conversion process is a staged conversion that runs in a zero-touch, self-serve mode. The process can be tweaked to allow for metadata and custom platform ingestion steps that are unique to a particular reader, standard or platform.   High Fidelity Output The solution overcomes all major limitations of most existing solutions that convert PDF to ePub3 format. The product takes care of mathematical equations, graphs, charts and other pdf elements that require a pixel perfect converted output.   Feature Rich Solution The solution preserves all of the key features that are part of original input pdf:
  • Text Search
  • Text Selection
  • External TOC (Bookmark)
  • Internal TOC linking
  • Interactive Links
  • Metadata
Standards Based Publishing Books created by our platform are 100% ePub3 standards-compliant and are tested to work on top 10 eReaders, including KOBO, iBooks, Readium, MagicBoxTM, Azardi, Calibre, Adobe Digital Edition, Aldiko, Bluefire reader, Nook, Sumatra PDF and many more are few of the readers on which its output runs seamlessly.   Conversion Costs Conversion costs are dependent on following factors
  1. Volume / number of books / pages to be converted
  2. Conversion time (faster time will mean bigger infrastructure and hence higher costs)
  3. Custom changes / enhancements or enrichment required in the eBook during conversion process
  4. Correction to input source files to fix basic format and content.

Vikas Gupta

The author, Vikas Gupta, technical consultant, is a passionate technologist engaged in bringing innovative technology solutions in the world of education technology.