EdTech Industry Trends- Publishers are responding with incremental mindset

Akhil Pawa May 26, 2016

Disruptive forces need disruptive responses. However, publishers are responding only in an incremental fashion, primarily because they have large investments at stake. Many of them are still testing these waters cautiously, and while a few early-adopters like HMH are investing a lot in digitization, they haven’t seen enough ROI.

Response to digitization

  1. Get their assets (primarily books) accessible in digital world by converting their existing formats (PDF, Indesign, etc.) into a standard format (ePub3 for now).

  2. Create digital-first (or digital-only) content (non-ebooks) for a given topic/learning objective

Response to devices

  1. Create device-friendly digital content

  2. Convert existing digital content to device-friendly content

Akhil Pawa

Management expert and the service line owner for solutions and delivery of all Digital Interactive Content offerings in Magic. He has been associated with Magic for more than 8 years and has handled several digital transformation projects in Education domain.