Five Evolving E-Learning TRENDS

October 14, 2016
Technology has majorly driven our life patterns!

Working, socializing, shopping and yes, learning is all literally done on the interactive boxes nowadays. Integrated learning approach has become extremely popular and institutions across the world are rapidly adapting to these changes.

Classroom learnings and manual training sessions have now become a thing of the past. E-learning is greatly overtaking the traditional learning perspectives. Online learning and communication options are largely propelled by factors like convenience, user-friendliness and time efficiency and learner preferences.

From distance education programs to staff discussions, everything is constantly evolving on the web world. Better connectivity, technological innovations and internet advancement has made it easier to communicate and share information on the online space. E-Learning trends have gained considerable limelight in last few years. These trends are incessantly evolving to shape the future of teaching, learning and associating around the globe.

So, what are the most important E-Learning TRENDS that are changing the game? Let’s find that out.

1. Mobile Learning Trend

E-Learning is sky-rocketing the education industry and developers of the E-Learning materials are significantly concentrating on the consumer needs.

Mobile Learning trend is revolutionizing the concept of online learning.

The luxury of accessing the information anywhere and from any device is largely attracting the next generation. Content courses on these portal systems have greatly changed the market. However, this trend is highly evolving with the introduction of E-Learning applications, softwares and much more.

2. Conception Of Big Data Analytics

This is certainly a big evolving trend in the world of E-Learning.

Big data basically stand for the feedback provided by the learners or users interfacing with the content published online. This approach empowers the developers to customize the E-Learning materials according the needs of the learners.

Big data Analytics assist in understanding the behaviors and preferences of the users, which further helps the developers in improving their content strategies.

Nowadays, more and more organizations are focusing on these statistics.

3. Gamification in Online Learning

This trend is extremely sensational and an ever evolving one.

The main objective of gamification is to make learning a fun experience for individuals. Nowadays, content developers are designing learning platforms which are engaging for both kids and adults. Gamification is not a very recent trend. However, it is evolving into a powerful tool for improving the learning skills and problem solving capabilities.

Training programs are moduled with games in various corporations. It enhances performance level and personal development of the employees.

4. Visual Learning Trends

Thanks to the virtual world, visual learning has never been so easier!

Gaining knowledge, appropriate insights and trainings are now possible with just one click. Video-based learning is coaxing more and more people into web based approach of learning.

Individuals from all age groups like to watch videos. Therefore, more and more organizations are incorporating video-based learning and training programs.

5. Personalized Learning Trends

Many institutes and corporations are adopting this trend to help students and employees understand their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. Performance-based feedbacks and instructions are given in a personalized manner. This facilitates better development of an individual as they can conveniently access their areas of weaknesses and work upon them.

This is the most evolving trend in the current scenario, according a report published online on E-Learning Industry

Did you know about any other evolving e-learning trend?

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