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Why Corporates Need to Adopt ePub3

Ashu Bhatnagar August 13, 2018
Digital transformation and automation are the topmost initiatives in the corporate world, affecting every business function across industries. Management and publishing of content within the corporate world is no exception – given the explosive growth of content and its significance in sales, marketing, technical, research, HR, compliance, and knowledge functions. Today the corporate world uses Word and PDFs for most of the content. However, these formats are limiting from the point of view of automation, accessibility, mobility and analytics. EPub3 is an open standard format that is based on HTML5, and is providing the needed automation, accessibility, mobility and analytics on the content it serves up. Here are some reasons ePub3 is sure to benefit corporates: 1. Its ability to handle rich media Based on HTML5, ePub3 is able to meet the new age requirements of interactivity and rich media. Most of the browsers these days support HTML5, hence engaging ePub3 helps corporates to enjoy the benefits of all evolving browser technologies. With the help of an ePub3 publication, companies have been able to provide enhanced content formats on the web. ePub3 makes the content on complex browser structures easier to navigate and compiled into a single file. Magic EdTech has been able to create reliable solutions for corporates with managed learning services and content services that use ePub3 as a basis of technology. 2. Better readability There are many reasons why ePub3 is better than any other technology when it comes to enhanced readability. To start with, it is able to adapt to different screen sizes, which immediately enhances the readability. This also helps the content enjoy better flow, irrespective of the hardware with ability to offer left-to-right reading as well as vertical writing. ePub3 provides enhanced annotation support, thus making publishing easy. 3. Cost control Corporates need to make their documents available on various digital formats. Creating unique ebooks to meet the authoring workflow of these versions will be costly. With the help of ePub3, corporates are able to take the digital-first approach. Here, authors are able to use open web standards to create content for the digital space first. ePub3 makes it easier to do so with the help of intuitive functions that make it easy to integrate widgets and images. Multiple stakeholders are able to work on it at the same time, thus saving time and back and forth for changes required. Our inhouse platforms offer one-click conversion of PDFs and PPTs into ePUB3, which further reduces costs. 4. Makes measurement easy The variety of content available with corporates – ranging from case studies and white papers to learning and skill content – results in a range of legacy and styles. Measuring the performances of these documents also becomes a challenge if they are uploaded as a PDF file. Being compliant with HTML5, ePub3 helps corporates to integrate analytics to be able to analyze reader response, time, demographics and more. Improving content and its interactivity becomes easy with the help of ePub3. 5. Greater security ePub3 adheres to DRM requirements, which makes it easy to secure the digital files. DRM is able to connect all files to authorized users only, which protects your files from being available to any online. It creates a package of safety, which is being trusted by most companies globally. Corporates need to have standardized publishing solutions to make it easy to use the content. With ePub3, corporates are also able to keep their content consistent and manageable. Management and scalability of content are critical to the requirements of all corporates for growth and profitability. This makes ePub3 the perfect solution for their learning needs. Allow Magic EdTech to take care of your training programs and cybersecurity concerns, which managing all your content legacy. With ePub3, we provide unique course development solutions that use interactive and effective learning technologies like gamification, Ai and immersive learning. Based on a recent study, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) suggests that labor productivity needs to be enhanced. In fact, the MGI report suggest over the next 50 years, there is likely to be a 40% dip in GDP growth rates, and about 20% drop in per capita income globally. This has created an immediate need for automation across all industries. One of the most path breaking solutions towards automation in ePublishing has been the introduction of ePub3. Not only is it a format that can be used conveniently to handle high volumes of content for conversion, it is also an accepted format for the web and the multiplicity of devices at any corporate workplace. Corporates are dealing with the issues of automation alongside concerns of skill development and standardization of content. Smooth transition to new formats that allow content to be available to all concerned stakeholders at their convenience has become a key agenda for companies that are looking at rapid growth. To be able to meet these targets and beat their challenges, corporates are shifting to ePub3. One of the most acceptable open standard format for ePublishing, it is supported by all popular online publishing platforms such as Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, and Google Books. Even the books available on Amazon have the ePub3 as the primary interchange format. Although Kindle uses Amazon’s proprietary format. Clearly, corporates need to shift to ePub3 to make more out of their content and documentation. You may reach out to us to discuss and know more about our platforms and corporate solutions, we will arrange a free demo for you!

Ashu Bhatnagar

Head of Delivery at Magic Software, is engaged in building exciting new content and technology solutions for education.