Why Game Based Learning in Mathematics is Exciting

December 9, 2016

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”…how often have you heard this adage? Quite often, for sure! This brings us to the subject of mathematics and the fears associated with it among students. Most learners either fail to understand the concepts and nuances of math, or are unable to apply the knowledge in a logical manner. At times, even when everything else is working for them, students fail to do well in exams because of insufficient speed or accuracy. But how great would it be if mathematics could become an exciting and challenging game which is more fun than serious?

Researchers advocate that game based learning can really do wonders when it comes to the way students understand and apply mathematics. After all, everyone loves to play and have fun! Game based instructions, lessons or assessments

  • Offer a “safe” learning environment, where the student is not judged for failure
  • Motivate them to learn more when they win
  • Encourage them to find the correct solution even if they lose
  • Help them to experience small wins, so that they gradually become confident
  • Ensure a stress-free environment where learning is more important than performance
  • Are interactive in nature and hence more engaging than a traditional classroom
  • Aid students in blended learning environments, summer learning programs, or in a remedial math support program

Schools have found game based learning in mathematics to be extremely effective for those who find the subject especially hard or unfriendly. Students stays engaged and don’t get easily frustrated. Gaming environments also provide personalized attention to each learner, so that he or she can progress at his or her own pace. Game based lessons are being used as supplemental tools in many educational institutes as well.

To make mathematics more palatable for students, companies like Magic Software offer special digital content development services to K-12 publishers who understand the game-based learning domain regarding mathematics. They create game-like content which are engaging and productive and their academic and design teams know exactly how to build these games keeping your objectives in mind. The content is localized and come with references which are country-specific. Reach out to your students like never before and help them overcome their mathematical fears in a playful way.