Why .NET is still popular with Enterprise Developers

Kumar Kashyap Pandey May 16, 2017
We live in an era that is underscored by the rapidly-evolving technology all over the world. With multiple devices constantly being launched, there are also regular OS updates that are in tandem with the said devices. When it comes to writing software for this multi-device, multi-OS, multi-browser world, there are various options in the open source as well as the closed source space. While some may argue, but the .NET framework is one of the best choices for the software industry to find a one-stop solution to create applications across devices. Using this framework, developers can build a secure, robust, and platform-independent software.   Let’s have a look at why the .NET framework is the first choice for tech professionals and organizations across the world  

Business Centric

.NET is quite business-centric, which is reflected in the following capabilities:
  1. It offers reliability, owing to the millions of applications that have been developed in the last many years
  2. It is fully secure in this hacking era
  3. It has a faster and more robust development setup with a low requirement of training compared to other frameworks
  4. It provides multi-platform application development support
  5. It provides multiple-framework version compatibility
  6. All libraries are placed in one location as compared to the competitor libraries, wherein a developer spends a lot of time in just looking for the best one suited for his/her requirement;
  7. It provides support of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), as per the current demands
  8. It provides a suitable environment for debugging and tracking logical errors.

WAD (Windows Application Development)

Today, the Windows operating system is still dominant in the desktop computer world with a 90% market share. Windows’ desktop-related applications are smoothly developed using the .NET framework since both are governed by Microsoft. All windows-based applications (for example, Microsoft Office) are well-managed by the .NET framework. This framework contains all interop libraries that are needed to effortlessly customize Microsoft Office.  

RAD (Rapid Application Development)

Every customer wants a robust and fast delivery. Visual Studio provides developer-friendly and rich functionality to help in faster application development compared to other development competitors. It contains several inbuilt controls, which you can just drag and drop to create an application in as little time as possible.

Multiple-Language Support

.NET is a one-stop solution for software development where multiple genres of applications with a multi-language option can be developed. In a single application, the developer can use armor of Python, and at the same time, the developer can also use C++ and F#. Additionally, multiple developers with different skill sets can work within the same project using different languages and their best features.  


The .NET framework has countless features that cannot be put in a textual format. I’ve shared the brief and informative idea for the .NET framework in the software industry. Choosing a software development medium is an organization’s or an individual’s choice, but choosing the best suitable solution is what that matters here. Additionally, the .NET framework being an open source automatically becomes everyone’s first natural choice.  


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