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    A Quick Glance Where We Can Help: Your Challenges

    • Your platform is slow and cumbersome; it crashes and fails to perform as expected
    • It is no longer supported by 3rd party tools
    • The system has no mobile capabilities and is device-dependent
    • Incompatibility with modern software systems
    • Your platform requires extensive training/special skills
    • It lacks flexibility and cannot keep up with your business growth
    • It’s hard or impossible to add new functions to your system
    • Operating costs and product ownership cost is high

    Our Expertise & Solutions

    Platform Transformation Services

    • Standard Compliance ( Edupub, ePub3, COPPA, FERPA, SCORM, xAPI, OpenEd API)
    • Interoperability Standards (LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge, Caliper, xAPI)
    • GDPR Compliant Platforms
    • Support for Content Type ( ePub3, HTML, XML, Video, Audio, Animation, Assessment, Course, Interactivities)

    Platform Accessibility Services

    • WCAG 2.1, Sec 508
    • Compliance Reports & Audits
    • Design Born-accessible platform
    • Conformance Report against ADA compliance, AODA, EN 301 549

    A Flexible and Adaptive Process

    Engineering technology to deliver highly effective learning solutions and Edtech products

    About Magic EdTech

    Magic Edtech is the leader in the digital learning products sector serving over 80 global edtech and publishing houses with over 550 engineers. We specialize in product engineering solutions such as content production, QE/QA, platform integrations, accessibility and mobile apps.