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Client enables children to grasp learning concepts through the use of apps. Using the apps, students conduct their own experiments, explore real-life simulations and animations, and manipulate rich 3D models, leading to better focus and better cognitive outcomes. It also provides usage analytics around content usage, as well as learning efficacy for students, teachers, and schools.

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Business Requirement

They needed to build an analytics module for users that could leverage students’ attention spans in a more efficient way, eventually leading to business growth.

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  • Magic EdTech assisted in establishing an analytics module in the existing product. Open source experience (Tin Can) LRS Learning Locker was used to capture user activities in multiple apps.
  • An analytical engine on the top Learning Locker data storage (MongoDB) was developed to deliver custom reports that are accessible through an administrative access.
  • Business intelligence was captured for the content usage, learner engagement level, and most frequently visited content areas.
  • To support thousands of transactions per minute in LRS, shared MongoDB cluster deployment was done in Amazon AWS.

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Key Highlights

  • Provided research/analysis and evaluated alternate types of reports for future development
  • System designed for future scalability and enterprise robustness