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Global education company developing print, digital and online solutions that support teachers, researchers, students and educators around the world via online, iPads and Desktops. Available in 3,000+ schools across Australia, New Zealand, Spain, India and USA.

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Business Requirement

Existing product is a flexible and multi-skills course (Digibook with interactivities and other different kind of resources) that builds young adult learner’s confidence to help them express themselves in English. It is already available in Flash. However, the offline versions of the same were not compatible on latest platforms/browsers like Mac 10.8, 10.9, Windows and there were issues related to performance. The requirement was to convert these from Flash to HTML5 so that course could be accessed on latest devices, platforms and browsers. The courses had 5 levels.

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  • Established workflow for converting Flash products to HTML as well as to collaborate with MM UK team to get technical issues fixed
  • Prototype approach where Magic Edtech created a sample with all existing assets and interactivities to evaluate the challenges before starting the conversion
  • Cost/Time effective conversion process resulted in quicker turnaround

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Key Highlights

  • Quicker turnaround using fast conversion process
  • Accessibility of course on latest tablets and operating systems with new look and feel, as well as improved performance