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One of the largest publishers for K–12, Higher Ed, and Professional Learning materials offers Math, ELA, Science, and Humanities digital learning objects as part of their curriculum. These DLOs span across subjects and grade bands ranging from elementary to higher education. DLOs are designed to be used in classrooms across the world.

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Business Requirement

They had a requirement to convert a huge repository of digital learning objects (DLO)s from Flash- to HTML5-based learning objects. These DLOs were to be made available on mobile devices to enable anytime, anywhere learning.

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  • Magic consulted with the customer’s team for establishing standard framework functionality for Varied Learning Objects (LO)s Complexities - Simple, Medium, 2xMedium, Complex.
  • Existing assets/animations were reused for LOs in “Legacy to Modern” conversion category. Fresh assets/animations were created for LOs under “New” category.
  • Existing templates were reused and extended with bespoke logic for every LO for optimal tablet use.

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Key Highlights

  • Rapid turnaround of a large volume of DLOs was executed.
  • An automated tool was developed for restructuring Flash file for asset/content extraction and exporting it to pre-set HTML5 structure.
  • A vast number of custom games and mathematical/physics simulators were developed based on advanced Math JavaScript, with use of SVG, Canvas, TouchPunch.JS, D3.JS.