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The client is a global leader in providing learning content and services to millions of students, teachers, and parents worldwide. The client creates engaging, dynamic, and effective educational content and experiences from early childhood to K–12 and beyond the classroom, serving more than 50 million students in more than 150 countries.

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Business Requirement

The client needed a mobile platform developed that could provide digital content to teachers and students, and which could be accessed both online and offline on desktops and iOS, to include fully functional QA of chrome OS app and iOS App.

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  • Magic EdTech’s QA team strategized a robust test plan for user experience and usability testing of the application.
  • The team created a stringent regression test suite to evaluate build quality early in the cycle.
  • We delivered the best quality of app for both iOS and desktop versions.
  • Stringent regression suites were created to ensure every build is stable and functionalities are working.
  • Timely improvements were suggested by QA for better user experience and to deliver better product quality to customers.
  • Test cases were created based on user stories, and rigorous testing of the product was performed for every build.
  • An effective and extensive fully functional QA was required to ensure that students and teachers could continue to communicate and collaborate.

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Key Highlights

  • Magic EdTech's involvement from day 1 of this project helped the team to acquire complete product knowledge.
  • The regression test suite was automated, resulting in cost savings.
  • A robust test strategy was developed to handle future upgrades.