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One of the largest education technology companies that creates online education products that helps nurturing each student's passion to learn, to grow, and to explore. It focusses on virtual learning technologies and on equipping teachers with the techniques they need to foster a love of learning.

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Business Requirement

The client needed to create a series of 60-second introductory videos that would engage and motivate their curriculum users. Covering a variety of subjects and grades, the aim was to create diverse and varied introductory videos capturing live action, real-world scenarios, live character shoots, a poll, questions, explanations, and a conclusion on the desired topics.

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  • Magic EdTech developed a strategy to create such videos aimed at the desired age-groups, specific subjects, and video formats.
  • A variety of approaches–live shoots, animated, illustrative, and whiteboard videos were created, which met this requirement.
  • The videos were made accessible with the addition of transcripts/closed captions.