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A non-profit US-based organization uses space-themed simulated learning and role-playing strategies to help students bring their classroom studies to life and cultivate skills needed for future success such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

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Business Requirement

Development of Flash Tools using Adobe Flash.

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  • Developed the tools end-to-end with Magic EdTech’s UX team, Flash Technology and Quality Control experts.
  • Tools integrated with client’s LMS.
  • Tools developed and integrated on live Mission Commander could be seen interacting with other tools on the Mars Transport Vehicle and vice versa. So students virtually were able to experience how it is being on live space missions.
  • Reusability of tool templates for implementations in different teams (subjects).
  • Using Authoring, the client could make changes easily as it is XML driven and not hardcoded. This enables the client to use its CMS more effectively.
  • Varied levels of Tool Complexities from level 1 to level 6.

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Key Highlights

  • Real-time communication between the tools where students could play these tools from different locations, like live games.
  • Throttle/Joystick Hardware integrated with tools to enhance the simulation experience for students and to make the learning experience more interactive.
  • Rapid development and integration of tools on live environment
  • Expertise of space center subject
  • Functional specification documents developed by Magic EdTech to help the client enhance their storyboards and user experience