The customer produces math textbooks for 6th grade through college calculus that are used by over 5 million students each year. They have been deeply committed to providing innovative and coherent print and online materials to the education community for more than 30 years.

Business Requirement

The requirement consisted of developing various math tools, each with an objective to teach students a mathematical concept in a systematic manner. The scope of the work involved the development of these math tools via a web application. The tools included different features the teacher could use to demonstrate to students particular concepts. One tool would be used for a single mathematical concept.


Magic proposed a strategy and executed a plan to do an end-to-end development of online math tools including design and development.

Key Highlights

  • Magic EdTech demonstrated their knowledge of user experience by designing the global shell and independent tools.
  • Framework-based accessibility WCAG 2.0 and a strategy was carved to make the interactives 100% compliant with 508 standards.
  • Component-based tech development included both a modular and scalable approach.
  • A quality assurance team was established with large coverage of environment and devices such as Chromebook, iOS, and Windows.