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One of the world’s leading publishing companies, this client focused on helping learners of all ages make progress in their lives through its educational content and research text. The publisher contributes to helping students overcome learning challenges and bring about much-needed changes in education by meeting learner needs and delivering measurable results—from pre–k to higher education, including research.

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Business Requirement

The client needed a digital platform that could distribute their content conveniently and securely over the web and on mobile devices for offline access. They also needed assessments created that included certain sections having visibility that would be governed by rules.

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MagicBoxTM is a flagship product of Magic EdTech that showcases our digital capability and expertise. It provides secure distribution of content to both web and mobile apps, along with enabling anytime-anywhere learning. To solve the assessment challenge, MagicBoxTM created adaptive tests with the flexibility to set section rules. In addition, access was provided to a large number of analytics reports, including assessment analytics.