A US-based organization wants to bring literacy to everyone in the United States and help those who want to learn English by creating easily accessible and highly effective education methods. They hosted a site where children could learn to read and where adults could go to make sure the children in their lives had the best opportunities. The online reading program is based on a patented system developed by a world-renowned expert on reading who has helped children earn to read for over 40 years. It is the only system that customizes itself according to each child. Thousands of children, parents, and educators testify to the success of the program.

Business Requirement

To develop the New Format Query Quest in HTML5.


  • Developed the format in HTML5 from Flash. It was divided into 3 sub sections and 13 themes in all.
  • A modular structure was implemented, which had been missing in earlier formats.

Key Highlights

  • Regular updates and expectation setting with a demanding client
  • Utilization of Webi Tests to save time on content testing