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The client is dedicated to supporting educators with innovative Pre–K through Grade 5 supplemental educational materials that provide targeted solutions for literacy, phonics, math, science, health and safety, and more.

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Business Requirement

The client needed a web-based software program to offer inbuilt questions related to comprehension and discussion, along with providing eBooks, Student Blogs, and a Teacher Management System. They wanted a four-step cycle – Read, Respond, Blog, and Discuss. It also had to address the rigor of the Common Core State Standards and make the powerful standards-based reports just a click away.

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  • A “Teacher Management System” platform was developed that is highly configurable and powered to teacher management, assignment management, class/groups management, and standard’s reports.
  • A fully interactive, web-based product was also developed for Grades 3-5 learners. This product makes reading and writing in the classroom more engaging and social. Learners can engage in online blogging as well as conduct in-person discussion groups with polling.

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Key Highlights

  • Learning Management System
  • Online Blogging, Group Discussions, Prompt Feedback and Reviews
  • Interactive eBook Reader with built-in comprehension questions