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Business Requirement

The requirement was a Test Generator (TG) application that could create tests on different environments–Windows, Mac, and Linux.
The TG application needed to be integrated within each eBook as a link, through which instructors could create tests/assignments and save them in Word or PDF format. The TG had to be wrapped in the installable for each book so the book can be hosted on Windows/Linux Server for use on Intranet as most of the schools in remote areas of India still do not have Internet. The teacher must also be able to save recent tests to view/edit them later.


  • A single-page, modular web application with on-demand code module and content loading architecture was used.
  • For server installation, the installer was upgraded, and a solution was provided where xampp was packaged with the installer for both Windows and Linux.

Key Highlights

  • Simple and easy-to-use application
  • PDF and Word generation
  • Feature to save tests
  • Single Installer for both Intranet and Desktop