One of the largest publishers for K–12, Higher Ed, and Professional Learning materials offers their science curriculum. These VLs span across science subjects and grade bands ranging from elementary to higher education. VLs are designed to be used in classrooms across the world.

Business Requirement

The client had a requirement to create 300 virtual labs/simulations for MGS and HS Learning. These labs were to be developed based on templates/engines. Each engine would allow students to test real-world science scenarios, principles, theories, and laws by enabling them to manipulate a number of variables and see the results of their selections on-screen. The VLs had to be compatible with the existing science curriculum.


  • Magic implementeda strategy to identify the core components of an engine. Overall, 3 virtual lab engines and 50 unique components were developed.
  • Production of 300 virtual lab objects was developed based on the learning objectives.
  • Each authored lab tracked learner performance through SCORM and Tin Can standards.

Key Highlights

  • Labs are designed for playback on latest device environments–iOS, Android, and Desktops.
  • Labs offer dynamic content set and promote application of learner knowledge in a simulated environment.
  • Dynamic tables have been provided for learners to record observations made in the experiments.