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This company is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curriculum to state and local governments. Their platforms provide access to robust course offerings that include core subjects in multiple levels, world languages, and a wide range of electives.

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Business Requirement

They had a need to leverage advanced technology such as Google Polymer to develop the web components for their learning objects. The detailed requirements included:

  • Using Google Polymer so that their learning objects would be easy to maintain, modular, accessible, responsive, and mobile in nature.
  • Making the Learning Objects accessible and complying to 508 standards for accessibility.

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  • Magic evaluated the component development scope and created a specification for each component.
  • Inputs and Outcomes from a component were defined along thresholds to user inputs, and user interactions were listed.
  • A component testing framework was established to test the component functioning with test data.

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Key Highlights

  • Developed wireframes and visual designs
  • Implemented accessibility features as per A11Y guidelines
  • Screen Reader supported: Screen Reader, VoiceOver, Talkback
  • Other tools used: Achecker