Our Solutions

Digital Accessibility Solutions

As a recognized global leader in end-to-end accessibility services, we ensure ADA, 508, and WCAG 2.1 compliance through the use of cutting-edge technologies. Our experts ensure that accessibility is done right the first time.

Immersive Learning Solutions

Magic EdTech builds learning solutions that engage learners with visually and functionally rich content that is intuitive and user-friendly. We create Science, Social Science, Math Virtual Labs, and Language interactives that are exciting and fun for learners.

Mobility Solutions

We build mobile applications that help learners grow! Magic EdTech develops apps for learners, teachers, schools, and parents that will deliver personalized educational content anytime, anywhere.

Digital Assessment Solutions

Magic’s assessment solutions have been designed to let assessors gain a deeper understanding of learners’ capabilities. Games, quizzes, interactive objects, or a formal assessment engine are all utilized to enable understanding of learner capabilities.

Learning Analytics

We enable publishers and EdTech organizations to transform each learner’s experience through analytics-driven solutions. This data helps our clients to better allocate funds, discover new and diverse ways to use them, and prioritize main focus areas for best results.

Our Services

Digital Content Services

Magic EdTech, through its vast experience in interactive content development, has partnered with publishers across geographies and created products that have consistently engrossed and “wowed” learners in all grades and levels.

Digital Learning Technology Services

Our digital learning technology services help organizations achieve their digital vision! We provide end-to-end services to create a dynamic digital platform that is second to none, while also providing continuous support along the way.

Customer Interaction Management

Our Customer Interaction Management solutions are one step above the Tier-One Help Desk support for Digital Mobile Products. The solutions are proactive, not reactionary. Meant for the mobile world, they are flexible, interactive, and intelligent.

Our Platforms


MagicBoxTM is an end-to-end digital publishing platform that enables publishers, authors, and content providers to create, sell, manage, and deliver their digital content through custom branded Web and mobile apps. Publishers and corporations interested in using MagicBoxTM can register using this link.


MagicSync is used by education technology companies for apps that are currently in K–12 curriculums. Schools/Districts now have stringent requirements for edtech products and how these apps can access student data. MagicSync is an integrated platform that ensures your app can easily become compatible with OneRoster, Clever, Google Classroom, or LTI on first use.


SmartPage is a smart digital authoring engine that allows publishing companies to make all print-ready books digitally available through an intuitive process. Using SmartPage, book authors and production engineers can create eBooks utilizing a PDF input. SmartPage supports the industry standard publishing format EPUB3.

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