Business Segments

Corporate Business

Magic EdTech takes a partnership approach to providing training solutions for corporate businesses. We provide end-to-end service and deliver bite-sized training for effectiveness.

Technology Business

Magic EdTech offers custom training solutions for product companies that have different training requirements for various products. We provide maintenance as well as white glove services to ensure the training provides maximum benefits.Our training solutions are regularly updated to cover new feature sets and the latest geographies, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Training Institutions

Magic EdTech will partner with Professional Training Services (PTS) businesses to convert their training content into a digital e-learning module, which will complement classroom training. Besides converting the content to a digital e-learning module, there is also an opportunity to build test prep and certification programs that can be delivered over digital platforms. This would provide improved and wider market reach and coverage, as well as additional revenue opportunities for PTS organizations.


Managed Learning Services (MLS)

Magic EdTech provides a complete outsourced managed learning services (MLS) to companies and organizations. Business leaders invest in developing the talent of their employees in hopes of achieving certain outcomes. Magic provides experts who partner with business leaders and help design, develop, and execute learning programs that will deliver successful outcomes.

Learning Content Services

Magic EdTech has expertise in designing and developing digital learning content for today’s millennial workforce. The quality of the learning content and the way in which it is delivered has a direct impact on learning efficacy.

Learning Technology Services

Magic EdTech brings expertise, out-of-the-box tools, and reusable components to custom build new generation learning technology applications and platforms for your business. Magic provides continuous updates, support and maintenance for existing in-house learning technology applications and third-party built platforms.