MagicBox is an end-to-end digital publishing platform and mobile distribution platform that enables publishers, authors and content providers to create, sell, manage and deliver their digital content through custom branded Web & Mobile Apps.

Convert and enhance content for iOS, Android, Chromebook & Windows devices

  • One-click conversion of PDFs and PPTs into ePub3 - MagicBox is packaged with an state of art conversion tool that converts PDF to high-fidelity, IDPF compliant, ePub3, at the click of a button. Additionally, MagicBox has an in-house team of digital media resources that provides the best experience and enhance the content by adding interactivities, glossaries, inline videos, etc based on the customer requirement.
  • Instructor-led content to self-learning modules
  • Interactive content with responsive technology
Mobile Ready Content

Deliver content to all devices in a secure environment

  • White-labelled platform & mobile apps
  • DRM and License Management
  • Online/Offline eReader
Delivering content across devices

Analyze, Impact & Improve continously

  • Performance Analytics
  • Content Usage Analytics
  • Real-time decision making
Analytics to track business decisions