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MagicSync is an integration platform that ensures that your educational app/platform can efficiently onboard students from different school districts. MagicSync allows app developers to comply with rostering standards like OneRoster, Clever, Google Classroom, LTI, or oAuth support.

Class Roaster Sync - MagicSync from Magic EdTech

Class Roster Sync

MagicSync supports OneRoster, Clever, and Google classrooms specifications, and streamlines the class roster syncing in an easy and secure way.

One click Single Sign-on - MagicSync from Magic EdTech

One Click Single Sign-On

MagicSync offers one click single sign-on capability to securely login teachers/students to any educational product and app. Users can log into the app with their school credentials.

Integrations - MagicSync from Magic EdTech


Make your educational app part of an API ecosystem. MagicSync will allow any part of the system to push data into your app using the API gateway.


MagicSync makes it easy for education apps to use one-click single sign-on. MagicSync makes the entire process of roster management and customer onboarding seamless. With MagicSync’s education app and platform, developers can handle compliance requirements of schools/districts like One Roster, LTI, Google Classroom, and OAuth.

Secure Sync - MagicSync from Magic EdTech

Secure Sync

  • Import/Export through CSV templates or on-screen wizards
  • Data exchange using REST API
  • Integrate with Google Classroom and Clever Secure Sync to access rostering data easily
Device Support - MagicSync from Magic EdTech

Device Support

  • Using MagicSync, digital apps can be accessed on any device using a standardized protocol (OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, LTI or ADFS).
  • New apps can easily integrate the MagicSync instant login feature, offering seamless access to users through one set of credentials.
Compliance - MagicSync from Magic EdTech


MagicSync will make your app compliant with several industry standards. These are mandatory requirements in most state RFPs:

  • LTI - Learning Tools Interoperability
  • OneRoster
  • Google Classroom