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Multidisciplinary Content


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reusable gadgets library


Custom or Default Layout

Choose from pre-defined custom layouts or a variety of inbuilt layouts to customize to your needs.

ML based Auto Audio Support

Quick and easy creation of ReadAloud books from input PDFs or integrate a pre-recorded audio file.

Supports 20+ Languages

Get AI-enabled, automated Math ML and alt-text solutions with just a simple click of a button.

Automated Conversion

Machine learning-powered ebook conversion tool for 98% automated conversion with just a single click.

Complete Support

Get high-end support for bulk legacy conversion, workflow optimization and project management.

MagicEdTech brings a smart solution for all your format conversion needs with SMARTouch Plus, the AI-powered, cloud-based, one-touch eBook conversion tool for fast, easy and accurate digital publishing across multiple formats.

The Power of AI

Empower your content with the world’s first AI-powered, one-touch, multi-channel interactive ebook conversion tool that leverages a reusable library of widgets.

Single Source Authoring

Benefit from Single Source Authoring across platforms for fixed layout, responsive, interactive reflowable, reimagined and enhanced ebooks, workbooks and more

100% Content Fidelity

SMARTouch Plus caters to born-accessible ebooks, compatible to WCAG guidelines, across environments, with automated quality assurance for 100% content fidelity.