Magic Software Chairman, Arjun Malhotra Awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Dataquest

Chairman and board member Arjun Malhotra for Magic Software Inc. was presented with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at the Dataquest Digital Leadership Conclave 2018 today, for his befitting contribution to the technology industry over the past 3 decades.

Arjun being honoured for his continued contribution to the technology industry with the Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 by Dataquest

At the Dataquest ICT Conference & Awards 2018, Arjun was felicitated with this award for his immense contribution to the technology industry which he has shaped and formed over the course of his career.

Arjun Malhotra is considered to be one of the pioneers and has helped build the Indian IT Industry by his techno-entrepreneurial zeal. Arjun is known to have played a pivotal role in founding and growing HCL globally and putting Indian IT industry on the global map. Besides HCL, Arjun has invested in and guided several ventures across the IT sector globally. Over the past three decades, Arjun has partnered with several global majors like Hewlett-Packard and Dr. James Martin, and launched joint ventures to create new products and solutions addressing markets untapped before.

Arjun is deeply committed to the education industry and has recently invested in Magic Software Inc.( with the idea of disrupting education industry with technology and promoting lifelong digital learning.

Arjun founded the Prof G. S. Sanyal School of Telecommunications at IIT (KGP) through a personal endorsement. Arjun serves as a Chairman of the Board of Vision 2020, an IIT Alumni lead initiative to help IIT raise endowment funds.

Arjun is passionate about building the next generation leaders to help deliver innovation by leveraging technology. Arjun has supported the launch of new age technologies with recent ventures like Magic Finserv ( and Magic BlockchainQA (

"To become a true leader, you must never be shy of venturing into the unknown and let your confidence and the team back you up to achieve the impossible," says Arjun, Chairman of the Board, Magic Software Inc.

About Arjun and his association with Magic Software

Arjun currently serves on the board and as Chairman of Magic Software Inc., fully owned by Solmark (, a Washington based Private Equity firm.

Magic Software Inc. has invested in leadership that has vast industry experience in the growing and operating ventures within the technology sector and leveraging global talent pools. Magic Software Inc. has several offerings that serve the Education and Fintech industry by leveraging digital technologies. Magic Software leadership team has built reusable frameworks and technology IP that focuses on delivering digital solutions. Magic has specifically built expertise in building digital solutions that leverage content digitization and unstructured/alternative data. The digital solutions will leverage digitization and automation frameworks and tools with the idea of improving the outcomes for Education( and, Financial Services( and Blockchain technology(