Magic Software Inc. Announces Partnership With Instructure for Interoperable and Accessible Learning Solutions

Magic Edtech (A division of Magic Software Inc.) is a leading services provider to the global education community to support development of their eLearning content and enable platform integrations. Magic Edtech recently announced a partnership with Instructure, Inc. (NYSE: INST) to integrate with and offer content services for their industry-leading LMS platform Canvas in the US as well as in the UK. Ensuring an accessible and pleasant experience to all users, regardless of disability, is a key focus of Canvas, which will help Magic's initiative in building learning experiences that works for all. The IMS Global-certified Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration, in addition will enable fast and dependable deployment of Magic EdTech's products and services.


Instructure is a software company with learning at the heart. Canvas has proven to be a partner of choice for leading global universities and colleges. Most higher education providers are inclined towards it since it has more than 4000 tools that help the instructor communicate with students. Students can use the tool to open LTI protocol to access tools from the Canvas platform. This partnership will allow Magic's flagship product MagicBox to be available in the Canvas library of platforms. "With this access, Magic EdTech will also be able to scale content production, which will further add value to our product offerings," says Rishi Raj Gera, Consulting Head at Magic EdTech.


Since many of Magic EdTech's largest customers use Canvas LMS, the partnership with Instructure will help Magic EdTech to work closely with their team, thus allowing them to leverage resources at both ends to create roadmaps that can be used to provide a holistic solution. Further, Magic EdTech will provide a stronger and more accessible digital experience to learners and instructors. This partnership supports a standardized learning platform experience, with access to MagicBox through Canvas with the use of a single sign-on.


Canvas also supports Caliper Analytics, which can be used to provide data for student reading behavior. Trainers and instructors can harness this analytics to gain more clarity on participation patterns, thus enhancing the impact and application of learning via technology.


"LTI Integration will help our products become easily accessible," says Harish Agrawal, Director Product Development, Magic EdTech. "With their customer-centric LMS, we will be able to make it even easier to access MagicBox for a superior learning experience."


With more than 2 million active users online, MagicBox provides learning apps leveraged by users in both education and corporate market. It enables personalized educational content delivery anytime, anywhere. MagicBox has a state-of-the-art DRM authoring tool and all the integrations like Clever, LTI, and oAuth. This makes it a unique platform for education and training needs.


About Company


Magic Software Inc. is a New York-based technology and content services company that has served the education market for over 27 years. Magic Edtech is a division of Magic Software Inc. that focuses on digital learning solutions and technology services to meet the needs of education and corporate businesses. The company has served over 200 clients worldwide and has built long-standing relationships with most of them over the last decade.


MagicBox is our cloud-based digital learning content distribution and learning platform which is now serving more than 2 million students globally and, has gained immense popularity in North America, Australia and other Asian countries.