MagicboxTM, The Mobile-First Content Delivery Platform, Crosses One Million Users Globally!

NEW YORK and WASHINGTON, October 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --


Over one million students in North America and 14 other countries have logged in to access mobile and web digital learning content on MagicBoxTM, indicating that digital learning is becoming mainstream in the school year 2016-17.


MagicBoxTM is a cloud-based mobile learning platforms used to create & distribute rich interactive eBooks and track learner's progress through analytics dashboards. It hosts over 9000 interactive eBooks/courseware and has delivered over 6 million hours of reading time. Over 700,000 books have been downloaded so far, using its offline apps, and more than 43 million pages have been read by students


Schools are demanding that publishers deliver their digital content in mobile-ready formats along with content analytics to support adaptive, personalized learning. MagicBoxTM has partnered with over twenty publishers to deliver core academic courses and supplemental education material over web and mobile e-readers with online and offline capabilities, at a very low risk and low cost to publishers.


MagicBoxTM has gone beyond delivering just eBooks, and courseware. Recently, one of its partners has launched new generation science standard (NGSS) education product that relies heavily on game simulations to deliver immersive learning experience - that goes beyond serving schools and could potentially become a platform for many institutions like museums and parks.


MagicBoxTM offers analytics dashboards that provide key insights to the publishers and teachers on content consumption, while supporting adaptive learning for students. "MagicBoxTM continues to add features to enhance the learning experience of the students without creating additional overheads for the publishers who are aggressively launching new digital and immersive education products," says Acky Kamdar, CEO Magic Software. "Our client feedback has been instrumental to help MagicBoxTM become a leader in its category, but there is more disruption coming in the next 3-5 years. Magic team is excited with the growth opportunities as new immersive content technology like AR/VR is becoming mainstream."