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After spending the time and effort that you do to build your digital content, the last thing you’d want is for users to find issues in that content.

Not only does it mar their experience, it also raises questions on your credibility.

Our Content QA experts help you avoid that. This team is trained to find the smallest of the errors and report them. Having worked with some of the biggest publishers over the years, our QA team has also created tools that help automate some of this issue detection process.

We use a combination of manual and automated approach to ensure that we do a thorough detection job fairly quickly and at a lower cost.

In addition to providing the list of issues, we also suggest simple fixes so your teams can fix those easily.

3 of the top 5 publishers use our teams to analyze and evaluate hundreds of thousands of their content assets every year.

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Key Highlights

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Our teams are trained to spot the minutest of errors so that they go into production and distribution. Over years, they’ve developed an eye for the common patterns and trends that help them spot these issues easily and efficiently.

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We’ve developed some inhouse automation frameworks that work as accelerators and help us scale up quickly. We use these tools in combination with our manual approach to provide you the optimal results.

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Over the years, we’ve developed a huge repository of test case templates and issue reporting frameworks which we customize for you. These can be incredibly helpful as you ramp up your quality programs.

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Everything that we provide you is designed to help you fix the issues that we identify. These include issue recreation steps with detailed screenshots, issue descriptions, and even recommendations. Our goal is for you to create a high quality digital experience.

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Rohit Daver

Rohit is a Project Manager at Magic EdTech in QA with overall 10+ years of experience in Software Quality Control & Assurance. He is technically proficient in the field of software testing on web-based, native and mobile-based applications. He is skilled in working effectively with diverse groups at all organizational levels to achieve a zero-defect model.

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Anshula Dhingra

Extensive experience in ideating and architecting new products and design techniques, designing path-breaking learning techniques, and leading large teams. Anshula has experiential fluency in Instructional Design, Learning Analytics, and Learning Evaluation. She is accomplished at strategizing, designing, and delivering, a host of learning modalities including instructor-led materials, e-learning, scenario-based learning, gamed-based and gamified solutions, assessments, videos, infographics, blogs, and many more.

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Aarchit Malhotra

An inquisitive EdTech professional currently working in the educational technology solutions industry with a strong passion for making education accessible, sustainable, and affordable.