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eBook Pages






Tools and frameworks

Magic EdTech’s in-house framework caters to a variety of interactive content like DLOs, interactivities, and assessments. Usage of these testing solutions has cost benefits of 20–30%.

Accuracy testing tools

This in-house utility compares the text from PDF with corresponding XHTML page. This approach gives benefit of cost reduction by 50–60% and in turn, gives the benefit of 100% content coverage with automated bug reporting.

Digital-First Authoring World

With the adoption of Inkling/Chaucer/Adapt as a productionized environment, the eBook development/QA process has been completely revamped. Magic EdTech has been partnering with its customers in adopting this revolutionary change.

Our content engineering services help you create engaging and new content via use of technology frameworks. We also help reimagine and transform legacy content for distribution across multiple formats and multichannel delivery.

Digital Learning Objects Production

  • Rapidly create virtual labs/simulations by utilizing our digital engineering services. Build educational games or transform legacy to new age technologies.

eBook Conversion and Transformation

  • PDF/InDesign/Doc to EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 Conversion
  • PDF/InDesign/Doc to Flash
  • PDF/InDesign/Doc to HTML5
  • PDF/InDesign/Doc to iBooks
  • PDF/InDesign/Doc to Mobi

2D/3D Media Design

  • Tech art design
  • Animation production

Audio/Video Processing

  • Audio cueing
  • Video captioning

Accessibility Implementation

  • Accessible PDFs
  • Accessible EPUBs
  • Accessible PPTs
  • Accessible HTML5

Assessment Item Conversion

  • PDF/Excel to QTI Conversion

Common Cartridge Package Development

Rapid Content Authoring

  • Courses
  • WBT Trainings

Production Support

  • Image cropping
  • File renaming
  • Content key-in
  • Typesetting
  • PDF cropping
  • PDF image extraction

XML Production

  • XML conversion
  • XML validation


  • Keyword indexing
  • Author and name indexing
  • Product indexing
  • Subject/Analytical indexing
  • Bibliographic indexing