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Animated Demonstrations and Storytelling


Experts in Education

Thousands of hours of experience have matured our digital content design process, and we continue to evolve our vision and approach to embrace disruptive solutions. Our award-winning services reflect:

  • highly qualified subject matter expertise
  • deep research of learning behaviors for effective outcomes
  • solutions based on innovative pedagogy
  • knowledge of learning patterns, use of gestures, and responsiveness
  • illustrators and animators offer a variety of styles that appeal to learners worldwide
  • Magic 3D specialist brings the “WOW factor” to every device

User-centric Approach

We understand the need in the market as well as the challenges. That is why we approach it very directly and ask: “What is the problem we need to solve?”
Personas, user stories, and product flow in a creative content design are created with the help of spot interviews, surveys, data mining, and focus-group studies.

Designing for Accessibility

Magic EdTech’s design team has the rare privilege of developing a full range of products for people with special needs. The key to our success is a thorough understanding of industry standards backed by primary research with the target audience. We’ve built relationships with different organizations to closely observe users with different abilities as they interact with digital products and content.

Our content design team is a synergy between curriculum development, user experience, and technologies. We build learning experiences that meet your goals and elevate the learning outcome.

Content and Editorial

  • Coverage across K–12 and Higher Ed disciplines. Onshore SME and editorial teams well-aligned with standards and curriculum. Supported offshore for scalability and efficiency.
  • Research. Concept. Storyboard. Alignment. Editing.


  • Learn experience and User experience designers. Improving creative content design through usability, accessibility, and indulgence in interaction—all this while creating a learning experience that will achieve a desired learning outcome.


  • Engaging users with a virtual experience that stands out in today’s world of gaming and entertainment. Illustrations. Animations. Videos. In 3D and 2D. It’s the icing on the cake!