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Automation Tools


QA Testers Team

Magic EdTech focuses on providing best-in-class solutions for Content Quality services. As part of our content testing, we check for typos, correct grammar, punctuation, and content design as per SME specifications, formatting, placement and accessibility.

Content Automation


  • Magic EdTech has built in its own tools and frameworks to support content testing needs. These tools are scalable enough to cater to customer needs and pass on the business benefits.

Content Compliance & Localization Services

Content Compliance and Localization

  • We have rich experience in content compliance checks against standards like IDPF, LTI, QTI, SCORM, etc.

Content Conformance Services

Content Conformance

  • We specialize in content conformance services, which includes testing for content against the source files and compatibility across platforms. We also have diverse solutions to test the contextual correctness of content through subject matter and fact checking experts.

Content Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

  • Expert in automated as well as manual testing to discover the accessibility limitations on your websites or apps. Our QA services are designed to help you overcome application failures and ensure quality across the full span of the SDLC.


Content Frameworks

Tools and frameworks

Magic EdTech’s in-house frameworks cater to a variety of interactive content like DLOs, interactivities, and assessments. Usage of these testing solutions helps provide cost benefits of 20 to 30%.

Content Accuracy Testing Tools

Content-Testing Tools

A framework that compares the text from source to destination, this automated review provides significant cost efficiencies and also ensures 100% content coverage.

Digital First Authoring World

Digital-First Authoring World

With the adoption of Inkling/Chaucer/Adapt and other authoring tools, the eBook development/QA process has changed completely. Magic EdTech has developed in-house expertise around industry standard tools by partnering with such companies to bring about efficiency in QA practices.

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