Magic EdTech provides state-of-the-art, outsourced managed learning services (MLS) to businesses. Business leaders invest in developing the talent within their companies in hopes of achieving certain outcomes. Magic provides experts who partner with business leaders to help design, develop, and execute learning programs that will deliver successful outcomes. Our MLS offering will be a combination of learning SMEs, content, and technology platforms that will deliver end-to-end services for either a specific function or a business-wide learning solution.

How Do We Help?

  • Designing data-driven learning programs and helping to manage the data produced through these programs to make them more effective
  • Identifying insights required for the program and data required for the insights and then mapping it to the data sources
  • Monitoring the data and delivering insights and other recommendations to refine the content or other aspects of the program
Content and Tech Platform

Magic EdTech will manage end-to-end online learning and training programs for organizations from conceptualizing content to data analysis. We leverage Kea, which is a cloud-based learning platform, to deliver online training or even use your existing learning platforms or the ones that you want to acquire. Key elements of Magic EdTech’s complete outsourced MLS program are:

  1. Goal setting and defining the outcomes of MLS program
    1. Risk management
    2. Compliance
    3. Quality enhancements
    4. Competency development
  2. Defining measurement criteria and business impact
    1. Revenue and margin improvement
    2. Cost reduction
    3. Reduction in talent attrition
  3. Learning Content
    1. Assess the available content
    2. Design and develop source content
    3. Content adaptation/transformation
    4. Content analytics
  4. Learning infrastructure - Technology for learning delivery, security, mobility, accessibility, assessment, certification, learning analytics
  5. Program management - Learning delivery and administration, activity tracking, monitoring, and continuous improvement
  6. Outcome measurement - Performance, talent management, skills assessments
Online Learning and Training