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Accessibility Teams

  • Magic EdTech consultants are IAAP certified professionals with a deep understanding of WCAG standards.
  • Our teams consist of differently abled talent hired in all geographies.
  • We partner with non-profit organizations that work for the differently abled, and we leverage such partnerships to bring you better value.

Scale Your Operations

  • We use a combination of third-party and in-house tools for rapid development and testing.
  • Our large pool of accessibility-trained expert developers and testers ensure we cater to scale.
  • Magic EdTech also leverages non-profit organizations to scale on short notice via the partnerships we have developed across geographies.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Our use of proprietary frameworks and tools accelerates timelines and reduces costs to you.
  • Our hybrid model also uses offshore solutions that bring you cost benefits.

Magic EdTech helps you to evaluate your accessibility needs, thus charting a path to meet your accessibility compliance goals. We provide WCAG audit reports for your products and certify them to help with your sales and marketing efforts. VPAT reports, ACC&R forms, and WCAG statements are provided as a part of the audit. Our team goes beyond and provides recommendations on remediation required in the products.

VPAT Audits

  • Get VPAT reports for your products from our certified accessibility consultants to evaluate accessibility compliance.

ACC&R Form

  • Create ACC&R Forms and convert to VPAT reports for your products.

WCAG Statements

  • Get your products tested and obtain 508 and WCAG audit reports for 2.1 A, AA, AAA compliance statements.