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Magic EdTech uses a three-step process to ensure that accessibility is done right. We help mitigate risk and enable faster turnaround to address your accessibility goals. Assistance is provided to help achieve compliance to ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 guidelines via our ready accessibility design guidelines, frameworks, and tools.

Accessibility Consulting

  • Our certified accessibility experts provide deep analysis on the compliance needs of your products.
  • We help align your product roadmap with accessibility requirements.
  • We help train your product teams on accessibility requirements and discuss possible solutions.
  • Our experts will help you define your content and platform accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility Design

  • Our teams design with accessibility in mind from the start.
  • We help establish your design guidelines.
  • Magic involves differently abled users in the design process to ensure true users provide their perspectives.
  • Our teams also help to redesign legacy content and platforms for accessibility.


  • We provide end-to-end accessibility remediation services including design and implementation.
  • Our initial audit and analysis identifies gaps and provides recommendations.
  • Our design review identifies potential design changes required in your products.
  • Magic’s proprietary libraries, frameworks, and tools accelerate the accessibility remediation process.


Process and Automation

  • Our proven processes, accessibility frameworks and tools bring you immediate benefits.
  • Ready reusable frameworks and APIs lend to rapid implementation

Trained Accessibility Experts

  • Our consultants are member of International Association of Accessibility Professionals.
  • Our consultants are IAAP certified.
  • Our developers and testers are experts in accessibility.

Differently Abled Teams

  • Our teams include differently abled user communities who are involved in the design and testing phases.
  • We partner with non-profit organizations for tapping differently abled user communities.

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