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MagicBoxTM - Assessment Engine

  • Easy Authoring - Create great assessments in minutes with an easy authoring tool.
  • Templates - Add any type of questions, e.g., multiple choice, single choice, sentence completion, etc.
  • Interactive - Upload any type of media into questions
  • Auto scoring - Real time scoring and feedback as students take assessments
  • QTI and CCSS compliance - Fully QTI- and CCSS- compliant engine

Interactive Assessments

  • Assessment design
  • Item writing
  • Technology enhanced items
  • Manipulatives (tools)
  • Item accessibility

Assessment Analytics

  • Skills-based report - Easy tagging and retrieval of skills-based analytics
  • Device agnostic assessment players
  • Powerful analytics dashboard based on learning outcomes
  • Individual/Group skill/performance data
  • Measure progress - skill/performance

Magic EdTech partners with education content providers to build state-of-the-art assessment solutions. Our flagship digital assessment platform can easily integrate with any learning solution/platform. The platform is accessible through web browsers, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. We also provide custom digital assessment solutions including interactive assessment templates and gamified assessment solutions for the publishing industry.


  • Create powerful and interactive assessment in minutes.


  • Embed in content or launch it as unique learning exercises.


  • Deliver it everywhere – mobile, web, and smart devices.