Gamified Digital Learning Objects


Reusable Components


Subjects Coverage


Reusable Framework and Game Engines


Concept to Development

  • Given a subject area, our SMEs and game designers create new game concepts while the developers build best-in-class gamified experiences.
  • We help in the gamification of your existing content by introducing fun, interactive play elements.

Reusable Component Library

  • Magic EdTech provides game engines, templates, a ready-to-use accessibility framework, a reporting engine, and platform integration libraries.
  • 50+ configurable components allow the building of custom and complex functionalities as a plug-and-play mechanism.

Magic EdTech offers gamified learning solutions and develops highly engaging Math, Science, Social Science, and Language games. Our technology solutions help create immersive learning gaming experiences that blend mobile, web, AR, and VR media that gives multiple options to create engaging content.

Game-Based Simulations

  • Magic EdTech is a one-stop shop for your design,and development needs to create gamified learning content.
  • Reuse and customize our math and Science game engines.
  • We offer a framework to capture user actions and outcomes.

Game Templates

  • Reuse game templates for varied concepts and outcomes.
  • Use mission-based game engines to rapidly build exciting reward-based games.

Platform Integration

  • Capture learner action data for analytics.
  • Build Learner-Instructor collaboration.
  • Create multi-user games.
  • Integrate game-based learning with assessment outcomes for better insights.