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Do your K-12 products meet accessibility standards?

Make your offerings Accessibility-compliant!

  • 200+ Accessibility Engineers & Native testers
  • Trained Experts WAS, ADS, CPACC, DHS certified
  • 40% Automation on
    WCAG 2.1
  • 100% Environment

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    • Highlights
    • VPAT and Accessibility Conformance Report
      (ACR) generation
    • Certified experts - CPACC,
      DHS Section 508, JAWS, DHS Document Accessibility
    • Accessibility Standards
      Met - ADA, WCAG, EN 301 549, Section 508, EAA
    • User testing by
      Persons with
      Disabilities (PwD)

    Who we work with

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    Accelerate Learning

    We offer clear and practical advice on navigating WCAG standards, ensuring you understand and implement them effectively. Our team of CPACC and CPWA-certified professionals, help you meet accessibility compliance standards and drive product adoption. Build Born Accessible products or remediate your existing technology and content for accessibility. We carry out assessments and guide you through your journey to digital inclusion.

    We blend automation and hands-on procedures to audit your K12 offerings for accessibility. Once we’ve gathered the insights, we help generate your Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) and a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). We audit text files, PDFs, course content, and platforms for accessibility so you can comply with standards like WCAG, Section 508, EN 301 549, or the European Accessibility Act (EAA).

    Combine the efficiency of AI-led automation with the precision of manual intervention. Our in-house team includes a panel of accessibility experts who are Persons with Disabilities (PwD), providing invaluable insights into the user experience. For tasks that demand meticulous attention, such as color contrast validation, we use our AI-enabled tool, MagicA11y. This helps us identify defects across various aspects, expediting a process that may take longer through manual inspection alone.

    At Magic EdTech, accessibility is not an afterthought. As a digital accessibility solutions provider, we believe in the Shift-Left approach, starting from the very beginning. Work with us to design and develop content and platforms that are inherently accessible, or let us help you retrofit an existing product for accessibility compliance. Infuse accessible features into your ePubs, PDFs, immersive learning experiences, and products.

    Eliminate future risks and get compliant with WCAG standards of accessibility. Over 30 years, we’ve helped numerous organizations achieve 100% compliance with Accessibility norms like WCAG, EN 301 549, Section 508, ADA, and more. With our assistance, you can easily generate a VPAT and ACR to showcase your dedication to inclusivity. From deciphering legal jargon to crafting actionable plans, count on us to support you at every stage of your compliance journey.

    Why Us

    Certified Accessibility Professionals

    Our team consists of trained accessibility professionals certified in Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC), Section 508 certification, JAWS (Job Access With Speech), and DHS Document Accessibility certification.

    MagicA11y - AI Automated Tool for Accessibility

    Experience up to 40% OOTB automation with our AI-driven tool for accessibility, MagicA11y. Works for ePub, HTML, PPTs, PDFs, and Word docs, and alt text for mathematical content. Experience 100% coverage of tests with quicker turnaround time.

    End-to-End Digital Accessibility Support

    End-to-End Digital Accessibility Support From initial assessments to generating VPATs and achieving compliance, get advice tailored to your specific needs. This includes coaching and ongoing support to maintain accessibility standards.

    AI Solutions for Accessibility

    Find out which aspects of inclusion can be better served by AI. Using AI, we achieve a remarkable 40% coverage and address unique use cases, ensuring highly accurate and consistent results. Experience substantial savings on effort and accelerate time-to-market by 50%.

    Long-Lasting Partnerships


    Clients served over the past three decades. Find out what keeps them coming back to us.

    "When we looked at the market that we had opportunities in, we easily enough understood that we required additional LMS capability. Magic EdTech is in the Educational Technology space and Magic EdTech has helped us wade through some of the complexity that comes with it.

    Magic was able to put a team in place quickly. We were able to have the team analyze and respond to our requirements and begin to technically design and connect our complex educational product quickly."

    — Rick Lamb President, Slooh

    “ I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Magic for several years, over several projects, and the experience has been outstanding. Magic has provided us with several critical services, including developing reasonably simple digital games, developing highly complicated and involved interactive simulations, upgrading and improving existing digital content, and translation services for our science and math education materials. I have enjoyed working with Magic, and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

    — Jason Maxwell Vice President at Accelerate Learning, Inc.

    “In 2020, we had an opportunity to make significant investments in our technology. That required engineering talent beyond our capacity. Recognizing that the projects spanned different aspects of our business, it was important that we engage with a firm that had significant Education Technology expertise. We reviewed proposals from several engineering firms and found that Magic Software offered a mix of domain and technical expertise to meet our needs. In the past six months, Magic EdTech has helped us on several projects and promise to be a factor in our continued success.”

    — Mike Rodbell Vice President, Technology at Explore Learning

    “Magic EdTech has become an invaluable partner to StudySync, providing accessibility and web publishing services with skill, precision, and expediency, beyond what we ever imagined. Our Magic team is a delight to work with and is incredibly thorough in flawlessly managing and executing the abundance of tasks we ask of them. Communication and responsiveness are top-notch. Magic has helped reduce managerial burden, and a great deal of staff stress. My only hesitation in endorsing Magic is that I want them all to myself!”

    — Jay King COO at StudySync

    “I have been working with the Magic team since 2017 as a solutions manager for Pearson Education. They have been an essential partner, helping us to develop a brand new authoring tool.

    They are consistently a professional, caring, and dedicated team to work with. We absolutely could not be where we are today without their hard work.”

    — Kira Marbit Narrative Authoring Solutions Manager at Pearson


    Our AI-enabled automation tool, MagicA11y, is responsible for driving speedier and more accurate results for VPATs and ACRs. These results are reviewed by an in-house team of certified digital accessibility consultants and a dedicated panel of native testers who are persons with disabilities. We also have a proprietary framework for Inclusion which we use to deliver detailed Accessibility and Usability Scorecard elements & Rationale with recommendations.

    Yes, Magic EdTech is your digital accessibility solutions provider who has a track record of successful accessibility transformations within K-12. Browse through our Case Studies section on this webpage or contact us for more details on how we’ve helped organizations in K 12 meet their accessibility goals.

    Yes, we can customize our accessibility solutions to fit the unique needs and requirements of individual educational institutions. We offer personalized digital accessibility consulting for K-12 to understand each client's accessibility goals and develop tailored strategies accordingly.

    Magic EdTech’ offers ongoing support for accessibility maintenance and updates after initial compliance is achieved. Our digital accessibility consultants provide coaching, training, and guidance to empower clients to maintain accessibility standards effectively over time.

    Yes, Magic EdTech audits learning platforms, websites, and products for digital accessibility. We help you comply with WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, and WCAG 2.2.

    Our digital accessibility solutions for K-12 are designed to accommodate a wide range of content formats commonly used in education, such as PDFs, e-books, interactive multimedia presentations, online assessments, and digital textbooks. We employ a combination of automated tools and manual intervention to ensure accessibility across diverse content types.

    Yes, MagicA11y, our in-house tool for accessibility, helps you generate a VPAT and ACR for your learning product or platform. The VPAT or ACR serves as a scorecard for your accessibility and may be used to show buyers how accessible your product is.

    Got questions?

    Contact our team for a deeper understanding of our digital accessibility solutions for K-12.